Collaborative European Technology Platform for innovation

Collaborative innovation platform for crystallogenesis

Cristal Innov brings together the main European players in the crystal industry and covers the entire technology chain, from R&D laboratories to production.

Provide an R&D environment to innovate and improve the competitiveness of SMEs and industrial manufacturers positioned in the crystal markets:

Founded in 2011

Our vision

At the beginning: a regional consortium of 7 laboratories, 15 industrial manufacturers and local authorities aiming to set up an industrial-level technology platform (compared to existing ones with R&D resources).

A leader: the UCBL (Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1), which seeks in particular to disseminate and promote the research work of its laboratories to regional SMEs.

EZUS Lyon, a private subsidiary (limited company with a Board of Supervision) of the UCBL, ensures the administrative and financial management (as for all the platforms of the University) while LIP (Lyon Ingénierie Projets), another private subsidiary of the UCBL, ensures the strategic steering and the setting up of collaborative projects.

Our team

The expertise of Cristal Innov’s team covers all crystallogenesis technologies, with experience in both R&D and industry.
The expertise of Cristal Innov’s team covers all crystallogenesis technologies, with experience in both R&D and industry.
Our engineers and technicians master the different steps of TRL and they know how to lead a technology roadmap with you.
In production mode, Cristal Innov is part of ISO 9001 quality certification process.


Very small to medium-sized businesses, industrial manufacturers, academic laboratories Pooled resources supporting your innovation

2 000 m2
square meters of technology rooms

Equipped with clean room for pilot line

R&D offering


millions euros of pooled equipment


collaborative projects

technology services


permanent staff


members and partners

Piezoelectric crystal-based product range

A cluster to foster networking

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Fondée en 2011 par un partenariat entre industriels et laboratoires d’Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Pilotée par l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Dotée d’une gouvernance collégiale. Inscrite dans l’écosystème d’innovation régional. Soutenue par les collectivités territoriales.

Founded in 2011 by a partnership between industrial manufacturers and laboratories from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

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Production platform

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