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  • Scientific publication LGT

    Cristal innov works in strong collaboration with R&D lab on Langatate (LGT). This is the last scientific publication we contributed to. At your disposal for any further information

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  • 2022: strong activity at Cristal innov in line with global trends.

    2022: strong activity at Cristal innov in line with global trends.

    2022 starts with a strong business growth at Cristal innov, in line with the global trend. The production of crystals is accelerating, especially in the piezoelectric family.


  • The French crystal industry is opening up to new horizons !

    The French crystal industry is opening up to new horizons !

    As the jewellery world is recognizing the ethical, aesthetic and poetic value of synthetic crystals, the French sector will create unique works: prestigious decorative pieces made from crystals. The first pieces exhibited in Lyon in September 2021 will highlight the design and technologies mastered by this French luxury sector, including manufacturers and laboratories.

    These clocks, manufactured by Cristal innov, will incorporate crystals and technologies produced by ILM, the LMI, RSA le Rubis and DiamConcept


  • Quartz substrate

    France's recovery and resilience plan funded SenSix project. The leader is Frec¬|n|sys – subsidiary of SOITEC -, Cristal innov is partner.

    This project aims to develop state of the art substrate for POI (Piezo on Insulator) and quartz substrates (from 100 to 150 mm) for wireless powerless sensors. These devices address 4.0 industry and automotive, especially autonomy vehicles. Funds will help technology development and investment for a competitive industry.

    This partnership lays the foundation for a national sector for a wireless powerless sensors and RF filters. Frec|n|sys is a leader in SAW (Surface Acoustic waves) technology, SOITEC a leader in POI, and Cristal innov, leader in Quartz substrate.


  • ANR Clymène project

    LMO (molybdenum-based with purified Lithium) crystal is an excellent candidate for the detection of black holes in space. Several teams around the world are trying to synthesize this crystal to obtain devices sensitive to "neutrinos". In France, the ANR Clymène project aims to develop this crystal, then provided to the CNSM in Orsay, to develop a “bolometer”. This system will then be tested at the Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy.
    The crystals needed for this project were grown at Cristal innov !

    This research project gave rise in particular to a thesis, supported by Abdelmounaim Ahmine who also used the resources of Cristal innov to produce the LMO crystals for his work.


  • Welcome to Maroua Allani

    Maroua Allani has joined Cristal innov team, as a R&D engineer. Welcome on board “testimony”


  • New vector Network Analyzer

    Cristal innov characterization department acquired a new equipment : A VNA (vector Network Analyzer) for frequency measurements (for quartz resonator)


  • An ERP for industrial traceability

    In order to meet the requirements of our customers, Cristal innov implements an ERP, as part of a quality system. This data management system aims in particular to ensure better traceability of materials and components all along the process, as well as over the long term.
    This system will also strengthen compliance with deadlines and provide the document management required by ISO 9001 certification.


  • The fast growing electric vehicle market is a great opportunity for the French Fab industry.

    SiC crystal (or Silicon Carbide) is one of the main materials used for power components used in these vehicles. The Grenoble ecosystem has already taken strategic position on SIC technologies and processes, but a SiC crystal producer was missing. A cluster is emerging around Zadient, a young company which will develop an innovative and competitive process for the synthesis of SiC. Led by Zadient, a regional value chain is being implemented from R&D to 100 mm SiC wafers high volume production. Inopro and ECM (Grenoble) will design and manufacture innovative equipments.


  • Cristal innov participates in the mobilization against the Covid!

    The ANR project Acostovie aims to develop a sytem for serological diagnosis of Covid-19 (its spike protein) using a dual technology based on acoustic and optical biosensors. Led by the INMG institute of the Claude Bernard University of Lyon, in partnership with the L2N laboratory of the UTT of Troyes, Cristal innov will develop and supply a high-precision quartz resonator, a key part for the accuracy of this innovative diagnostic kit. A first prototype, designed and manufactured by TechnoFab (Technological FabLab at Crystal innov), is scheduled for this summer.



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