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Collaborative European Technology Platform for innovation

CSR: Cristal innov is committed to a proactive policy.

Innovation driven by the challenges of climate change:
  • Recycling non-compliant parts, either by reintegrating them as raw materials into the process, or by diversifying their use, with the example of CRYSTALITE.
  • Diverting technologies for innovations in favor of the environment: the Synterre project aims to use hydrothermal synthesis technology (used for the synthesis of quartz) in order to purify rare earths in an eco-friendly process, compared to current technologies.
  • Search for new crystal compositions synthesized at lower temperatures for equivalent properties to the crystals currently used (ab initio approach, modeling, AI, etc.).
  • Footprinting carbon of new projects.
Social responsibility expressed to the various stakeholders:
  • Listen to the expectations of employees and adapt the organization of work in a good balance to satisfy their demands while maintaining economic sustainability
  • Promote inclusion and gender equality
  • Work at the local level, with the creation of an open-access technological FabLab and of an ecosystem of innovation
  • Guarantee transparency to our customers and improve their satisfaction
  • Garantir la transparence à nos clients et améliorer leur satisfaction
This commitment gives Cristal innov products both a technological and an ethical added value