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Langatate crystals are notably used for piezoelectric applications at very high temperatures (> 600 °C).
LANGATATE (LGT) cristal innov

langatate (LGT)

Langatate and quartz have similar advantages:

  • No ferroelectricity. 
  • Same point symmetry group as quartz, hence an easy transposition of the well-known models of the quartz.
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical stability.
Applications :

Langatate differs from quartz by its ability to withstand very high temperatures.

Langatate crystals are particularly well suited for the manufacture of BAW and SAW resonators that will be integrated in:

  • Sensors or oscillators
  • Direct piezoelectric effect sensors
  • Transducers

The exceptional temperature stability of langatate can be used for components operating in harsh environments but also to allow high temperature stages in the components manufacturing process.

wafers cristal innov


Dimensions up to 2″ (50.8 mm), depending on the orientation
X, Y, Z orientation and other orientations on request (single-rotated or double-rotated) LGT wafer 2″ Z specification
rings cristal innov


Dimensions accuracy within a few 0.01 mm
With or without metallic coating
With or without flat

LGT properties