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The fast growing electric vehicle market is a great opportunity for the French Fab industry.

SiC crystal (or Silicon Carbide) is one of the main materials used for power components used in these vehicles. The Grenoble ecosystem has already taken strategic position on SIC technologies and processes, but a SiC crystal producer was missing. A cluster is emerging around Zadient, a young company which will develop an innovative and competitive process for the synthesis of SiC. Led by Zadient, a regional value chain is being implemented from R&D to 100 mm SiC wafers high volume production. Inopro and ECM (Grenoble) will design and manufacture innovative equipments.

NOVASiC (Savoie), an SME specialized in SiC polishing service will process wafers cut with diamond wires supplied by ThermoCompact (Haute-Savoie). The center of gravity is Cristal innov, where the development of the SiC crystal synthesis process will take place. The LMI – Laboratoire MultiMatériaux et Interfaces of Claude Bernard University in Lyon - will provide decisive support for the scientific R&D, while the Savoy communities and the region are already mobilized to support this promising technology.